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HostBridge provides access to CICS applications running on the mainframe as web services, using open standards such as JavaScript, XML, JSON, or HTTPS.

Lightning Speed Performance

Enables the creation of lightning fast integrations based on screen data, not screen geometry, with no disruption to mainframe code.
Lighting Speed
Fast & Easy Development

Fast & Easy Deployment

With HostBridge, development, testing and deployment are done using JavaScript, creating a highly agile approach for transforming legacy applications into web services.

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HostBridge Integration Advantages

No Screen Scraping

As an integration technique, screen-scraping is brittle and it doesn’t scale well. Organizations find that screen-scraping integrations create as many problems as they solve. HostBridge lets you create robust integrations without having to refer to the rows and columns of terminal-oriented transactions.

No Application Changes

No one wants to have to go in and modify a critical, mainframe application. With HostBridge, you don’t have to. Leverage the logic and data of your CICS applications and transactions by using HostBridge to create an API for them, allowing any downstream application to easily interact with them.

Rapid Development

HostBridge was the first to bring JavaScript to the mainframe, and it has made the development of new integrations an agile process. It is remarkably easy to train mainframe developers JavaScript, resulting in rapid development of new apps and integration with existing apps faster.

Rapid Deployment

There are many options for creating web services that require substantial development effort and new tooling from IBM or other vendors. A HostBridge customer abandoned such efforts because they were tedious and slowed deployment. With HostBridge, customers can build new web services in as little as an hour.


When web and mobile applications are integrated with mainframe CICS applications, the speed at which the integration delivers the transaction data is critical to a great customer or user experience. HostBridge lets you pull data from multiple mainframe applications or CICS screens and present a composite view to a browser-based user in milliseconds.