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Application Access with Handheld Devices for Employees, Partners, Customers

Mobile technology isn’t just about Twitter and Instagram. While there’s no doubt that mobile computing has revolutionized social interaction, it is also modernizing the way organizations do business. Wherever and however businesses interface with people, mobile devices offer an opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency, grow business, cut costs, and boost revenue.

The possibilities are almost limitless. With iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets, and other devices in the hands of billions of people everywhere, any mainframe application that people interact with – whether a banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, or other app – is an opportunity to business better.

Mobile Mainframe on the Factory Floor

A large multinational motor vehicle manufacturer with production plants around the world needed a unique solution to streamline inventory management. As part of its just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing approach, the company focuses diligently on optimizing processes, maximizing productivity, and controlling costs. Every day, millions of parts move through its system, arriving from suppliers and moving directly to staging areas at stations across the factory floors, where the parts wait – for the shortest time possible – for assembly into finished vehicles. The company relies on a CICS logistics application to manage its high-volume, perpetual-motion inventory.

Until recently, inventory control personnel printed inventory reports from the CICS application and walked the factory floors to collect accurate, up-to-the-minute parts data. They then returned to their offices and entered the data into CICS. This manual process consumed tremendous amounts of time and was prone to errors, which in turn resulted in parts shortfalls, production downtime, rush orders for missing parts, late fulfillment of vehicle orders, and unhappy customers.

Inside the factories, parts moved fluidly, but mainframe-connected computers were stuck in place, reducing inventory reporting to a slow grind. Enter the mobile mainframe.

HostBridge WIRE, the Web Interface Rules Engine, with its support for all leading browsers, including Safari and Android, allows the manufacturer to bring its inventory management into the twenty-first century. Today, with iPads and iPhones in hand, inventory control teams “carry” the mainframe throughout their production facilities. At anytime, from anywhere, in any facility, team members can update the CICS logistics application with accurate parts counts, place orders, change orders, and perform other management tasks.

Anywhere Access, Any Application

A large bank with employees and customers around the world put CICS application access into the hands of millions. Using HostBridge to provide the Web services/XML “conduit” from the mainframe to various distributed systems, including HostBridge WIRE, and using WIRE to create rich interfaces for Web and mobile browsers, the bank has made it possible for all users to access applications and perform any mainframe-based financial transaction. From home in Manhattan or a hotel in Mumbai, customers can access and interact with accounts instantly and securely from any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Similarly, a health insurance/healthcare cooperative provides anywhere access to health records, policy information, insurance records, and much more. Their “mobile mainframe” solution serves physicians and other care providers in medical offices, hospitals, and emergency rooms; emergency responders; insurance agents and support personnel; other medical product and service providers, as well as patients and customers.

More Information

For more information on the mobile mainframe and WIRE, including more use cases, read the WIRE product pages and download WIRE white papers here.


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