HostBridge Technology


Integrate Anything Mainframe with Anything Distributed

Build a bridge...from z to anywhere. IBM System z and CICS Transaction Server are two of the most powerful computing platforms in the world. Their power multiplies when they work seamlessly with other enterprise systems or become accessible to more employees, partners, and customers.

With HostBridge Web services software, you can integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed – easier, faster, more flexibly, more reliably.


HostBridge built its business on application integration. Enterprises around the world use our product to translate mainframe data into the open, flexible languages and protocols of interoperability –XML, SOAP, JavaScript, REST, HTTP – and deliver it anywhere. Powered by HostBridge, they integrate CICS with ERP, BPM, CRM, and other enterprise applications or Microsoft Office programs. The result – processes run more efficiently, people are more productive, legacy ROI improves, costs fall, and profitability climbs.


If your business touches people and they would do more with better access to the mainframe, we can help. HostBridge delivers mainframe applications and data to any client device used by people anywhere. Desktop interfaces, Web browsers, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, you name it. The largest credit union in the world uses HostBridge to present CICS applications and DB2 data to 7,000 employees and 3 million customers worldwide – via Web, mobile device, and ATMs in all 24 time zones. Take your mainframe to the people.


Whether you’re building an enterprise SOA or implementing tactical Web services to solve a discrete process problem, add your mainframe to the mix with HostBridge. Installed on the mainframe, HostBridge instantly transforms CICS applications into integration-ready XML, and the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js)[1] is the fastest, most flexible way to write reusable Web services from mainframe applications and data.


Or take your mainframe to the cloud. Customers use HostBridge to do just that. An insurer integrates CICS application processes in a self-service insurance portal for millions of policyholders. The provider also delivers varied customer and actuarial data as a service via private cloud to employees, healthcare partners, researchers, and public service agencies. Make your mainframe a cloud platform with HostBridge.

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If you’re contemplating mainframe integration with other apps, Web, SOA, or cloud, we invite you to learn more about the fast, flexible, standards-based HostBridge approach – download our white paper, “Modernizing CICS and System z.”


[1] HB.js was formerly known as the HostBridge Process Automation Engine.