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HostBridge Redis for z/OS

IBM z Systems Data for Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud

HostBridge® Redis for z/OS® brings a new NoSQL data store to the IBM z Systems™ platform for the first time. Built on the Redis 3.0 code base – the same technology powering many of today’s ultra-scalable cloud and mobile apps – HostBridge Redis will enable IBM z Systems customers to put their high-value data to work in analytics, and mobile and cloud architectures – and improve returns on their z Systems and CICS® investments.

HostBridge Redis is designed to be implemented as a modernizing extension of traditional database systems, including DB2®, VSAM™, Datacom®, and others. By shifting portions of data workloads to HostBridge Redis, customers will gain significantly greater performance, scalability, and interoperability; add value to their existing data systems; and reduce the cost of processing these workloads.

Test drive 32-bit HostBridge Redis for z/OS for FREE!

HostBridge Redis – Features and Benefits

Available in 32- and 64-bit versions, HostBridge Redis components and capabilities provide a range of benefits:

HostBridge Redis – z/OS Attributes

HostBridge Redis includes a number of enhancements that specifically support and exploit z/OS:

Replication Architectures

The built-in replication capabilities of HostBridge Redis can be deployed in a variety of ways to extend benefits within and beyond the enterprise:


HostBridge Redis can run on the IBM z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) to maximize processing cost reductions. HostBridge Technology is licensed by IBM to run its software and processes on the zIIP.

IBM z Systems customers with a modern mobile/Web/cloud vision and high processing demands can turn to HostBridge Redis to gain speed, scalability, and seamless data sharing between any and all platforms. Deliver high-value data anywhere, at any time, at the lowest cost.

For a discussion and illustration of how z Systems customers can use HostBridge Redis for z/OS, we invite you to visit our z/OS Data and Redis page, and explore the content offered here:


Try 32-Bit HostBridge Redis for FREE

Take a Redis test drive – at no cost or obligation! Download the 32-bit version of HostBridge Redis for z/OS, and see how you can put your highest-value, system-of- record data to work in new mobile, cloud, and analytics applications. Once you prove its value, contact us to move up to enterprise-class 64-bit Redis for z/OS.



Two HB Redis for z/OS Videos

Watch Russ Teubner's Redis for z/OS Lightning Talk at RedisConf 2016 – learn why HostBridge ported Redis to z/OS for the first time and how mainframe shops can gain value from ultra-scalable Redis. You can also watch Russ's SHARE 2015 presentation on "CICS Integration & Optimization Using Server-Side JavaScript and Redis."