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HostBridge Product Evolution and Naming

The introduction of HB v6.5, with HostBridge for zIIP (HBzIIP), marks the completion of the first milestone in our HostBridge zIIP-enablement initiative. However, adding another new component also adds also to our growing list of HostBridge names. For your clearer understanding, here is a brief summary of how our product and our product names have evolved.




Who Should Care

HostBridge Technology


Our company




Our entire product, including all component modules


HostBridge Base Product

HostBridge Base

Base HostBridge

The original, patented HostBridge engine that XML-enables CICS BMS applications. Base HostBridge remains a prerequisite for all other HB components.


HostBridge Process Automation Engine

HB Process Automation

(see next rows for related AKAs)

Our JavaScript-based web services development/runtime engine. With it you can (1) reference any CICS-accessible data source for any type of integration (application, SOA, cloud, etc.) and (2) build a service that orchestrates and automates a series of CICS transactions (i.e., micro flows). It got its name from the fact that customers first used it to automate CICS transaction processes.


HB Process Automation (Part 2)

HB Scripting Engine

The HB Process Automation Engine is a JavaScript-based scripting engine for web services/integration development. Once you’re working with our sales and/or technical teams, you’re likely to hear them call it the HB Scripting Engine.


HB Process Automation (Part 3)


HB v4/v5 Process Automation

The first HB Process Automation (AKA Scripting) Engine was the first major eXtension of HostBridge. Hence we dubbed it HostBridge Extended (HBX). HBX was stabilized as of HB v5 and will not be developed further. It still ships as part of HostBridge and is fully supported.

HB v4 or v5 users

HB Process Automation (Part 4)


HB v6 Process Automation

The HB v6 Process Automation (AKA Scripting) Engine is a complete rebuild on a new ECMAScript Edition 3/JavaScript 1.8 platform. You’ll hear us refer to it as HBJS, which communicates our JavaScript foundation and distinguishes the v6 engine from HBX. We changed JavaScript platforms in response to customer requests for advanced features and functions not supported by the earlier standard. HB v6 Process Automation (HBJS) was specifically built to offer greater web services functionality, deliver higher performance, run both inside and outside of CICS, and execute as an Enclave SRB. Which leads us to....

HB v6 and future users

HostBridge for zIIP


HostBridge v6.5 introduces HostBridge for zIIP (HBzIIP). Because the HB v6.5 Process Automation/Scripting Engine (HBJS) can execute as an Enclave SRB, it is fully zIIP-eligible. HB v6.5 users can run 100% of the HB Process Automation/Scripting Engine and 100% of their HB scripts/web services on the zIIP.

Everyone who would benefit from moving processes to the zIIP

For more information about all HostBridge v6.5 components, visit our Product pages.