HostBridge Technology


HostBridge: XML/Web Services Integration & Optimization for CICS & z Systems


HostBridge is a complete high-performance, high-precision XML/Web services solution for CICS® and z Systems™ integration and optimization. Running on the mainframe, HostBridge integrates CICS transactions, programs, and z Systems data with any distributed resource – Web and mobile applications, enterprise applications, service-oriented architectures (SOA), and cloud architectures. Standards-based HostBridge makes mainframe XML/Web services integration fast, flexible, and powerful.

HostBridge installs under CICS or inside z/OS, and includes a complete set of tools, technologies, and capabilities to Web service-enable mainframe applications and data assets.


HostBridge Components

Individually licensable HostBridge components provide a range of capabilities.

HostBride Base XML Engine

Auto-converts CICS transactions and other z/OS data into integration-ready XML.

HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js) [1]

Gives developers, integration architects, IT executives, and entire organizations unique power and flexibility to achieve any object-oriented Web services integration objective for the mainframe.

HostBridge Data Access

Modules provide direct connection to leading z Systems databases and support integration of mainframe data assets, including VSAM™, DB2®, DL/I, and Datacom®.

HostBridge CA Application Integration Support

CA support modules simplify integration of CA Ideal™ for CA Datacom®, CA-Telon®, CA-Gener/OL™, CA ADS™ for CA IDMS™ with z/OS and CICS.

HostBridge Specialty Connectors

Specialty Connectors for Pega, Siebel, Oracle, IVR, Batch to CICS, and eTransX simplify mainframe integration with leading enterprise information systems.

Eclipse IDE

The HostBridge Eclipse Integrated Development Environment is included with HostBridge and provides the functionality and tooling developers need to author, test, and deploy integration XML/Web services.

Web Services, CICS & z Systems Support

Organizations’ integration requirements are as diverse as their information infrastructures, which today may extend into the cloud and around the world. To meet these needs, HostBridge supports a wide range of Web services technologies – including JavaScript, JSON, XML, SOAP, REST, HTTP, and many more. We also support and exploit many CICS/z Systems interoperability tools and technologies – from the Link3270 Bridge to the zIIP specialty engine.

For more information about HostBridge and a complete list of supported technologies, download the HostBridge product brochure and the latest version data sheet with technical specifications.


HostBridge – Integration Products
for System z

(product overview brochure)

HostBridge Version 6.5
(version data sheet)

Other Integration-Related Products

HostBridge WIRE

The Web Interface Rules Engine enables rapid development and deployment of Web/mobile interfaces and applications for CICS and other mainframe assets.

HostBridge Redis for z/OS

Ports the fast, ultra-scalable, in-memory NoSQL data store to z/OS for better data integration with mobile, Web, cloud, analytics, and distributed apps.

Socket Support

This alternative to the CICS socket application infrastructure reduces MIPS consumption, cutting socket processing costs by 20% to 40%.

HostBridge zIIP Enablement

HostBridge is licensed by IBM to run its software and scripts/services on the zIIP, reducing processing costs and lowering mainframe TCO.



[1] HB.js was formerly known as the HostBridge Process Automation Engine.