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HostBridge Socket Support

Historically, organizations that perform high-volume transaction processing often wrote their CICS applications to use TCP/IP sockets to communicate with distributed programs—the programs requesting services from the mainframe. CICS application developers accomplished this using IBM’s CICS Socket Support, a feature provided with VTAM. CICS Socket Support was written a long time ago and does not exploit any of the modern features of z/OS or CICS. We developed HostBridge Socket Support (HBSS) to improve life for such customers. Depending on processing volume, customers can save hundreds of MIPS on a sustained basis.

Optimized, zIIP-Enabled CICS Socket (EZASOKET) Replacement Software

HostBridge Socket Support is a high-performance software solution that replaces CICS Socket Support (EZASOKET). Customers that have written CICS Socket applications and run high volumes of socket input/output can use HostBridge Socket Support to:

Using HostBridge Socket Support, customers have improved socket processing performance by as much as 44%. The larger an organization’s socket I/O volume, the more they can save.

HostBridge is licensed by IBM to run its software code and integration/optimization workloads on the System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP). Under the terms of this zIIP eligibility, HostBridge customers can run HostBridge Socket Support on their zIIP specialty engine and shift a significant portion of their socket workload to the zIIP. HostBridge further optimizes socket processing performance by minimizing switching between the GP and the zIIP.

For detailed information about how HostBridge achieves these cost-saving efficiencies for real customers, read our HostBridge Socket Support white paper.

Free Performance Testing Tools

While developing our socket product, HostBridge software engineers developed a set of tools to measure and quantify I/O performance of CICS Socket Support and HostBridge Socket Support. This tooling includes:

We offer this tooling to CICS users at no cost and no obligation. To get the free tooling, please Contact Us.