HostBridge Technology


HostBridge Product Downloads

Licensed users can access their HostBridge software products here. When you select Download, you will be required to log in as an authorized user to complete the download. HostBridge features are delivered in a common download; your license key will enable your specific features.

HostBridge® – A complete suite of Web services and integration software for CICS. including Data Access, CA Application Integration, Specialty Connectors, and other components.

HostBridge for zIIP – Feature set for zIIP-enabling the HostBridge product suite.

HostBridge Socket Support – Full featured, zIIP-enabled replacement for CICS Socket Support (EZASOKET)

HostBridge zSuite – Feature sets, including zBridge®, zBus®, zCloud®, and zSB®, providing a unified framework for integration optimization with the HostBridge product family.

HostBridge WIRE – A complete solution for Web/mobile enablement of System z apps.