HostBridge Technology


HostBridge Data Access Modules

For VSAM, DB2, DL/I, Datacom

HostBridge Data Access Modules are optional modules. The Data Access Modules are predefined program objects that can be called within HostBridge Javascript Engine (HB.js)[1] scripts to perform a wide range of operations – virtually anything a COBOL program can do – that may be desired for integration purposes. Both HostBridge and HB.js are prerequisites of the Data Access Modules. The Data Access Modules enable HostBridge scripts to access and integrate CICS-based resources as follows:

Because the Data Access Modules read and write directly to their respective resources, developers using HostBridge have the option of invoking CICS transactions through HostBridge or bypassing the CICS transactions and accessing the data behind them directly. Using the objects included in these modules, organizations can include data from an extended set of widely used CICS resources as part of any XML- or services-oriented integration process. Together with the HostBridge JavaScript Engine, the Data Access Modules effectively enable the creation of entirely new CICS applications without any modification of mainframe code.


[1] HB.js was formerly known as the HostBridge Process Automation Engine.