HostBridge Technology


HostBridge Partners

The mission of HostBridge Technology is to provide the highest-performance, highest-precision integration and optimization software for CICS® and other IBM® System z® application and data resources. To provide the most reliable standards-based solutions and meet the critical business needs of our worldwide customers, we maintain close working relationships with leaders in mainframe computing, other enterprise information systems, and with a global community of enterprise IT service providers.

Strategic Partners

HostBridge has an exceptionally close and cooperative relationships with IBM and CA, the two most important names in mainframe computing.

Technology Partners

Our partnerships with leaders such as Microsoft, Pega Systems, and others ensure that our products are able to integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed.

Integrators and Resellers

HostBridge works with a network of integrators and resellers around the world to ensure that mainframe customers everywhere have access to the best integration products and expert consultants to help those customers achieve integration objectives and transform the way they do business.

To explore partnerships at any of these levels with HostBridge Technology, contact Ferrel Johnson, business development director.