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HostBridge Presentations

The slide decks below are from presentations given by HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner, jointly by Russ Teubner and CICS TS Product Manager Andrew Bates, and by HostBridge Technical Director James Alexander. They focus on current topics in CICS TS, integration, optimization, and real use cases. Click a title to open a slide deck in PDF.

IBM/HB Joint Webcast – With Andrew Bates, CICS TS Product Manager – August 2014

SHARE Presentation – August 2014

Webcast – April 2014

IBM/HB IMPACT Presentation – With Andrew Bates, CICS TS Product Manager – April 2014

SHARE Presentation – March 2014

zExpo Presentation – By James Alexander, HostBridge Director of Technical Services – October 2013

Webcast – May 2013