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Case Studies, White Papers, Letters from the Trenches, and More

The HostBridge Library offers a range of content about HostBridge products and Web services-based integration for CICS and other mainframe resources. Most content is in PDF.

Product Literature

Overview brochure, data sheets, and product briefs describing HostBridge integration technologies and solutions.

Case Studies

How real customers use HostBridge to integrate CICS and overcome a range of business and technology challenges.

White Papers

White papers on high-level issues such as web services and SOA for CICS or more focused analyses of CICS integration using HostBridge and specific technologies such as IBM WebSphere and Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Letters from the Trenches

Our Letters from the Trenches relate real-world technical solutions developed with and for actual customers.

Demo & Webcast Archive

Recordings of recent HostBridge webcasts, joint webcasts with IBM, and product demos.


Covering HostBridge operation, CICS technologies, common integration issues, and more.


Quotes from satisfied customers, and sometimes we have permission to use their names.


Bridges are our metaphor – as Russ says, “We’re like civil engineers for z Systems; we use software to build high-speed bridges for CICS apps.” View our photo collection here.


Licensed customers can access up-to-date technical documentation here.