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    Mainframe access via three Web presentation modes
    App/data integration in dynamic Web 2.0 composites/mashups
    Presentation for power users or Web-based partners & customers
    Easy development, fast deployment
    Replaces costly 3270 emulation, cuts training costs

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HostBridge Product Literature

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HostBridge WIRE – Web Interface Rules Engine

Ultra-Scalable In-Memory Data Store for IBM z Systems

Web Presentation and Integration for Mainframe Apps and Data

HostBridge WIRE reinvents the mainframe. With WIRE, the Web Interface Rules Engine, organizations can present mainframe applications and data in any client device – from desktops and laptops to the latest smartphones and tablets. Use WIRE to provide employees, partners, and customers with easy, intuitive mainframe access, modernize legacy applications, and create new, dynamic user-oriented resources. A Microsoft .NET programming and runtime environment, WIRE lets you rapidly develop and deploy mainframe Web interfaces and reduce Web-enablement costs.

The Everywhere Mainframe

Your business applications and data are on your mainframe. Your users are everywhere. Connect your mainframe to everyone everywhere with WIRE. WIRE supports any client device – from desktops and laptops to tablet PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and Chrome notepads. Whatever device they use, wherever in the world they go, your users can now leverage the power and value of your most trusted business platform.

Web-Enabled Mainframe Apps

Organizations use HostBridge to transform mainframe applications and data into integration-ready XML documents and Web services. WIRE complements and extends these capabilities, presenting mainframe data and business logic through familiar, easy-to-use Web interfaces for different types of users.

WIRE Presentation Modes

WIRE consumes any XML or any TN3270 data streams and then modernizes legacy applications with three browser-based presentation modes:

Rich Web Capabilities

WIRE’s powerful, flexible Enhanced Mode leverages all the capabilities of HostBridge – XML, Web services, mainframe process automation – and the .NET framework to empower organizations to transform mainframe applications:

Rapid Deployment, High Performance

WIRE and HostBridge deliver high-performance mainframe Web enablement and integration. WIRE runs on IIS and features a full suite of object-oriented .NET components that can be utilized in Visual Studio. Using the WIRE Toolbox, .NET developers can configure WIRE’s data dictionary and rapidly design, develop, debug, and deploy flexible, feature-rich Web interfaces.

The combined results are lower development costs, reliable integration, and lower TCO.

WIRE and HostBridge – Presentation and Integration Architecture

WIRE runs on Microsoft IIS Web Server and consumes TN3270 data streams and/or XML/Web services from other application platforms including mainframe-resident HostBridge. This architecture ensures rapid development and deployment of graphical user interfaces and composite applications, flexible integration of mainframe and distributed systems, and enterprise-level performance, scalability, and reliability.

Figure 1

HostBridge WIRE – At-a-Glance

Presentation Modes

WIRE Toolbox (v2.0)

WIRE Session Manager (v2.0)

WIRE Environment

WIRE Data Dictionary Capabilities

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