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    HostBridge Technology provides high-precision, high-performance integration & optimization software for IBM z Systems and CICS. We have built a reputation for meeting the toughest challenges with the simplest, most flexible solutions. Our expertise in XML-enablement, z/OS-based JavaScript, and Redis are unparalleled in the z Systems market. As a result, we count many of the largest companies in the world as loyal customers.

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HostBridge Product Literature

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HostBridge: Web Services Platform for z/OS

JavaScript/XML Engine for CICS Applications & z/OS Data

Modernization, Orchestration, Dynamic Applications, Integration

HostBridge is a high-performance, high-precision JavaScript/XML-based Web services solution for CICS® and IBM z Systems™. Enterprises worldwide use HostBridge to modernize CICS applications and z Systems data assets, create dynamic applications from legacy assets, and integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed – Web/ mobile applications, distributed enterprise applications, SOAs, and cloud architectures. Doing so, they extend the mainframe to new users and uses, improve business processes, and maximize returns on mainframe investments.

Guiding Principle

We believe that IBM z Systems customers will gain the greatest benefit from their investment when they expose mainframe apps and data using the same high-performance, standards-based tech-nologies used by today’s Web, mobile, and cloud innovators. Built on this principle, HostBridge offers the only JavaScript/XML engine for the mainframe, which puts the power, flexibility, and economy of standards-based interoperability to work for z Systems customers.


Customers use HostBridge to modernize legacy assets in two main ways – in Web, mobile, and cloud implementations for today’s users, and for seamless integrations with other business systems. The standards-based HostBridge Web services approach is the ideal way to do both.

Process Orchestration & Automation

HostBridge is often used to orchestrate, aggregate, and automate CICS applications and z Systems data as streamlined Web services. Many customers automate CICS terminal-oriented transaction micro flows so a business process that once required dozens of requests/responses – e.g., get policy overview – is now executed in a single service. When a user or system requests the overview, the request invokes a HostBridge Web service, which carries out the dozens of CICS transactions. HostBridge then aggregates all data and returns a single response to the requestor.

HostBridge is also used to automate diverse z/OS resources – CICS transactions, CICS programs, and z/OS databases – aggregating and incorporating them in a modern composite service.

Dynamic Applications

Legacy apps can be complex. While enterprises want to get more from these proven investments, they are reluctant to modify mainframe code. HostBridge provides a unique and powerful means to revitalize legacy apps. With HB.js, complex screens can be repurposed as discrete objects and application logic can be reinvented or newly invented as assembly level services that call objects as needed. Employing this model, organizations can rethink business processes around flexible new applications.


Above all, HostBridge customers use HB.js and XML to develop services and applications that integrate mainframe assets with other information systems – Web/mobile apps for employees and customers, other enterprise apps and SOAs to unify business processes, and cloud architectures for varied types of application provisioning.

HostBridge Components

HostBridge is a complete solution for CICS modernization, orchestration, dynamic scripting, and integration. Core components are the patented HostBridge XML Engine and the HostBridge JavaScript Engine. Customers use these to develop and run high-precision, high-performance Web services to meet a wide range of business objectives. Modular in design, HostBridge includes other components to ensure broad support for z Systems application and data assets and enterprise-wide interoperability.

HostBridge XML Engine

The HostBridge XML Engine, a.k.a. HostBridge Base, auto-converts outbound CICS BMS data streams to integration-ready XML and inbound XML to BMS. To maximize performance, precision, reliability, and interoperability, HostBridge exploits and supports many CICS and z Systems tools to technologies, including the Link3270 Bridge, MQ, EXCI, and more, as well as industry-standard protocols and transports.

HostBridge JavaScript Engine

The HostBridge JavaScript Engine – HB.js – is the only JavaScript platform for z/OS. Built on the JavaScript 1.8/ECMAScript Edition 3 code base, this server-side development facility and runtime engine is the HostBridge workhorse. Using HB.js, customers rapidly write and deploy standards-based Web services that:

HostBridge Modules and Connectors

HostBridge offers a range of dedicated modules and connectors to simplify mainframe integration with other enterprise systems:

HostBridge Eclipse IDE

The HostBridge Eclipse IDE plugs into any Eclipse development tool, including IBM Rational® Developer for System z® and CICS Explorer. The HB Eclipse IDE includes CICS Transaction Explorer, which utilizes HostBridge XML to exactly replicate CICS screens within the development interface. Developers find it easy to navigate through actual CICS screens while developing Web services.

HostBridge for zIIP

All HostBridge components and scripts/services can run on the z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP). Customers who run HostBridge workloads on the zIIP can often improve performance while lowering processing costs and mainframe TCO.

HostBridge Integration Architecture

Figure 1

HostBridge WIRE: Web Interface Rules Engine

HostBridge WIRE, the Web Interface Rules Engine, is a .NET development/ runtime engine for Web/mobile-enabling mainframe application and data assets. Using WIRE, developers can rapidly create interfaces in three distinct modes to meet the needs of different users – classic “green screen” mode for highly skilled terminal users; standard mode for employees who benefit from tabs, buttons, and other Web-style functions; and enhanced mode for employees and customers who require a rich Web experience. WIRE supports any device with a browser – from desktop computers and laptops to tablets, iPhones, and Android phones.


At HostBridge we obsess over performance, precision, reliability, flexibility, and speed of deployment. Here’s what that obsession means for you.


HostBridge runs on the mainframe and delivers mainframe levels of performance. Plus, with our ability to automate CICS transaction micro flows on the mainframe, we eliminate the request/ response cycles and latency that plague middle-tier integration products. A customer who is now orchestrating 130 transactions as one service reduced response time from 40 seconds to 1.5.


With our auto-generated XML and JavaScript-based orchestration of even the most complex micro flows, HostBridge is unparalleled in reproducing mainframe data and application logic with near-perfect fidelity to the original.


Integration products that rigidly “map” mainframe output to row/column coordinates can fail whenever applications change. HostBridge uses screen and field names to navigate applications and as metadata to control interactions with distributed systems. The result is total confidence that integration services will run as required 24/7.

Standards-Based Flexibility

In addition to supporting a wide range of mainframe applications and data assets, HostBridge relies on industry standards such as XML, JavaScript, SOAP, REST, HTML, and HTTP to ensure seamless interoperability and integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed.

Rapid Development & Deployment

The technologies that power HostBridge were chosen not only for benefits outlined above, but also for their speed and ease of use. JavaScript has matured into a server-side technology used by innovators around the world. This means more developers – probably in your organization already – will be familiar with HB.js from the start. The result, in real implementations, is that Web service development timeframes are measured in days, and enterprise solutions go into production in just a few months.


Here are a few brief examples of how real customers are using HostBridge today.


The largest credit union in the world depends of HostBridge to modernize, orchestrate, aggregate, and deliver high volumes of data from CICS, DB2, and other assets to 7,000 employees and 5 million members via every type of Web/mobile device and ATMs in all 24 time zones.

Life Insurance

A leading insurance provider has designated HostBridge its enterprise standard for all main-frame integration. HostBridge proved its mettle by turning cryptic, complex CICS screens with non-sequential navigation into callable objects that are now assembled via higher-level Web services into dynamic new applications.

Auto Manufacturing

A top international car maker uses HostBridge to develop RESTful services that integrate CICS applications and VSAM data with a Siebel CRM system. Customer service reps can now access CICS from within Siebel, and the auto maker has optimized processes and customer interactions.

Real Integration

HostBridge has achieved similar results for z Systems customers in telecom, energy, high tech, government, health care, and other industries. Over the years we have earned a reputation for doing the hard stuff – meeting the toughest integration and application challenges with the simplest, most flexible solutions.

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