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HostBridge v6.5: Technical Specificiations

New Capabilities in Mainframe Modernization and Integration

HostBridge adds new capabilities in v6.5. Customers leveraging these capabilities can improve performance, gain new Web services functionality, easily develop and deploy dynamic integration applications, and lower the cost of integrating CICS® applications and mainframe data with distributed systems. Version 6.5 enhancements, which include HostBridge for zIIP, build on the HostBridge JavaScript Engine introduced in v6 and improve support for lightweight services.

HostBridge for zIIP

With version 6.5, HostBridge introduces HostBridge for zIIP (HBzIIP), bringing zIIP benefits to Web services/integration workloads. HostBridge with the zIIP support option executes as an Enclave SRB. Both HostBridge and scripts/ services written with it are zIIP-eligible. HostBridge is an IBM®-licensed zIIP ISV.

Using HBzIIP, customers can shift significant portions of Web services/integration workloads from the general purpose processor to the zIIP. They can thus reduce Web services processing costs, lower mainframe TCO, and maintain or – whenever the zIIP has a higher capacity than the GPP – increase performance levels.

HostBridge JavaScript Engine

With the new v6 HostBridge JavaScript Engine (formerly the Process Automation Engine), application developers, process designers, and integration architects can use industry-standard ECMAScript Edition 3/JavaScript 1.8 to write scripts that integrate mainframe resources with distributed systems and orchestrate/automate complex CICS transaction processes.

The new code base improves performance, functionality, efficiency, ease of use, and extensibility.

HostBridge continues to support the v4/v5 engine, but we invite you to learn how HB v6.5 can help you improve mainframe integration.

Lightweight Services

HostBridge v6.5 supports a range of lightweight service technologies, giving users more flexible Web services choices with simpler, more concise alternatives to formal SOAP services. RESTful services, focused on point-to-point communi-cation over HTTP using XML, typically require less human planning and machine processing from both sides of the connection. They are appropriate for medium to high volumes and intra-company connections.

CICS and z Systems Support

HostBridge supports leading z Systems™ and Web security technologies. HB v6/6.5 adds support for IP Address/Host Name inclusion and exclusion lists. Find more detail on the following page.

Technical Overview

This list outlines HostBridge components and support for CICS TS, IBM z Systems, and services technologies. Italics indicate support added in HostBridge v6 and 6.5.

HostBridge Tools and Support

Services Types and Protocols

HostBridge Base Product

HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js)

JavaScript-based scripting/Web services for integration, orchestration/automation of transaction micro flows

HostBridge for zIIP

HostBridge Eclipse IDE


Application Access

Data Access Modules

Specialty Connectors

HB WIRE – Web Interface Rules Engine

CICS Transaction Server Support

z Systems Support


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