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HostBridge Socket Support

Optimization for CICS Socket Application Processes

High-Performance, zIIP-Enabled EZASOKET Alternative

HostBridge Socket Support optimizes CICS® socket application processes and reduces mainframe TCO. Organizations implementing HostBridge Socket Support (HBSS) can realize significant improvements in socket process performance and cut associated MIPS consumption by as much as 45%. HBSS can run on the general purpose processor (GP) or the zIIP specialty engine. It can also be used to shift socket workload from the GP to the zIIP to further reduce processing costs. CICS users who run socket applications with high input/output volume – whether on a consistent basis or at peak periods – can benefit from HostBridge Socket Support’s performance improvement and cost savings – the higher the volume, the greater the savings.

HostBridge Socket Support

HostBridge Socket Support replaces CICS Socket Handler and EZASOKET API, as well as Listen, Receive, and Send Transaction software, with optimized components.

Tested and designed for performance, HostBridge Socket Support delivers significant savings on socket application processes.

HostBridge Socket Support can be used as a:

HostBridge Socket Support can run on the general purpose processor (GP) or the IBM z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP), or be used to shift socket workload from the GP to the zIIP.

Performance Benefits

Customers implementing HostBridge Socket Support have seen significant reductions in CPU burn associated with socket application processes:

Single-Threaded Tests (without concurrency)

Multi-Threaded Tests (with concurrency)

All comparisons were to CICS Socket Support running on the GP. All requests were made to CICS from the same distributed communication gateway.

IBM Licensed

Our mission is to help make CICS more valuable so that more customers can embrace CICS for high-volume, business-critical transactions. HostBridge develops integration and optimization products with the highest degree of precision, control, and optimization for real-world CICS applications. IBM has licensed HostBridge Technology to run its products on the zIIP specialty engine.

Testing and Design

HostBridge Socket Support was developed in response to a request from a customer doing very high-volume CICS socket processing. Seeking to control costs, they asked if HostBridge could help them reduce CPU burn associated with the millions of socket inputs/outputs they process each day. Testing pinpointed the socket components that most impacted performance, and HostBridge designed a new infrastructure to address performance shortfalls. The diagrams below show the legacy components and their HostBridge counterparts:

Figure 1

Free Socket Testing Tools

Preparing to test socket performance, HostBridge discovered that no commercially available tooling could measure socket-associated CPU burn in terms of requisite resolution (accurate to the microsecond), overhead, immediacy, and zIIP/zAAP-compatibility. To address this deficiency, HostBridge developed four tools:

Because these targeted tools measure performance that is otherwise hard to capture, HostBridge is making them available to CICS customers at no cost. The HBZT tool is currently available at:

Special thanks to industry experts Larry Lawler and Ed Jaffe, who provided technical insights as we built these tools.

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