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    HostBridge Technology provides high-precision, high-performance integration & optimization software for IBM z Systems and CICS. We have built a reputation for meeting the toughest challenges with the simplest, most flexible solutions. Our expertise in XML-enablement, z/OS-based JavaScript, and Redis are unparalleled in the z Systems market. As a result, we count many of the largest companies in the world as loyal customers.

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HostBridge Product Literature

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HostBridge Redis for z/OS

Ultra-Scalable In-Memory Data Store for IBM z Systems

Real-Time Data Sharing, Within & Beyond the Enterprise, at Lower Cost

HostBridge Redis® for z/OS® brings Redis, the in-memory, NoSQL data store at the heart of today’s ultra-scalable mobile and cloud apps, to the IBM z Systems™ platform for the first time. IBM z Systems customers can use HostBridge Redis to address today’s major market drivers – cloud architectures that embrace z/OS assets; rapid data sharing across any platform, system, or device; and real-time analytics.

Guiding Principle

HostBridge believes IBM z Systems customers will gain the greatest benefit from their investments when they expose mainframe apps and data using the same high-performance, standards-based technologies adopted by today’s mobile, cloud, and analytics innovators. Guided by this principle, HostBridge Redis for z/OS puts the speed, scalability, and economy of Redis data processing to work for z Systems customers.

HostBridge Redis for z/OS

Running inside z/OS, HostBridge Redis is a high-performance, modernizing extension to transaction processing systems such as CICS® and IMS™, and to traditional database systems such as DB2®, VSAM™, and Datacom®. Customers who shift portions of their existing data workloads to HostBridge Redis, or use Redis to run new workloads, will gain significant benefits. They will be able to share their most valuable data with distributed apps across any platform, inside or outside the enterprise, at lightning speed, and with unparalleled scalability. By doing so, they will add value to their traditional data systems while reducing processing costs.

zIIP-Eligible HostBridge Redis

HostBridge Redis can run on the z Systems’ general purpose processor or the zIIP. Running on the zIIP, HostBridge Redis will further reduce processing costs and deliver greater value.

How HostBridge Redis Delivers

Built on the latest Redis code base, HostBridge Redis includes innovative features that offer a range of benefits to the z Systems customer:

Replication In & Beyond the Enterprise

Regardless of platform, users and systems can have access to the same high-value data in real time. HostBridge Redis can be replicated across:

HostBridge Redis for z/OS – Use Cases

With HostBridge Redis, mainframe customers will be able to share and integrate system of record data, within and beyond their organization, more efficiently and at lower cost.

Investment Services: Modern Data Access

Customers of an investment services firm have for years accessed CICS and DB2-based account information via web and mobile devices – information that is updated during a once-daily batch process. The company faces two challenges. First, customers will soon demand instant information gratification, so to stay ahead of the competition, the company plans to deliver near real-time updates. Second, in a volatile world, online traffic can spike at any moment. If the Dow rises or falls by 1,000 points in a day, the company might see one hundred times their normal traffic. Along with these new levels of demand, the company anticipates rising processing costs.

With HostBridge Redis, the firm has a flexible and economical alternative. Redis can sync with the backend database whenever SoR procedures require. But throughout the day, it can receive data inbound from partner institutions and make this same in-memory data available to customers – all in near real time. By “off-shoring” data requests to Redis, the company will better control SoR processes and associated costs.

Claims Processing: Broad Data Sharing

A claims company processes very high volumes of prescriptions. Written by thousands of health care providers, the prescriptions are fulfilled by pharmacies nationwide. The company must share the data they collect not only back to the providers and pharmacies, but also with insurance companies, government agencies, and patients. As data requests multiply, so too do CICS and DB2 transaction volumes and processing costs.

HostBridge Redis can handle this processing volume very effectively. Prompted by DB2 triggers and/or CICS events, the Redis in-memory cache is populated with system of record data and transactions. Requestors can then access this data from Redis or – thanks to Redis replication – from an integrated platform, mainframe or distributed.

The claims company gains other benefits as well. By sharing data more widely, they reinforce the value of z/OS as their system of record. Second, they lower costs still further by running Redis workloads on the zIIP.

Facts and Specifications

HostBridge Redis for z/OS is a small-footprint database, easy to install and configure.

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