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FAQs: TIBCO Connections

The list is by no means exhaustive, so please feel free to mail us questions about any topics we fail to cover here.

Here are some of the topics covered in our FAQ.

How does TIBCO connect to Hostbridge?

The TIBCO CICS Subsystem product can make a direct connection between TIBCO and HostBridge using HostBridge's LINK/ECI interface to exchange requests and responses. If you don't run TIBCO on the mainframe, or don't have the TIBCO CICS Subsystem, another approach would be to run TIBCO on a middle-tier server and use an "agent" program to relay requests/responses to HostBridge via HTTP.

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Does HostBridge return Data to TIBCO in XML format when using the LINK/ECI interface?

Yes. HostBridge always returns XML, regardless of the mechanism used by the requesting application to exchange requests and responses with HostBridge.

Can HostBridge still invoke a terminal-oriented transaction via the 3720 Bridge when using the LINK/ECI interface between TIBCO and HostBridge?

Yes. The facilities and services offered by HostBridge do not depend on the mechanism used to exchange requests/responses with a requesting application.

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Is the size of the COMMAREA still limited to 32K when using the LINK/ECI interface between TIBCO and HostBridge?

Unfortunately, yes. However, HostBridge provides options to reduce the size of the XML document it creates. If the 32k limitation is a problem, contact HostBridge technical support to discuss options. There are usually a number of ways to overcome this limitation.

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Can TIBCO use HTTP to connect to HostBridge from a middle tier server or from Substation on OS/390?

TIBCO Substation does not know how to communicate to HostBridge using HTTP request (nor does TIBCO software when running on a server, to my knowledge). If you want to run TIBCO on a server and use HTTP to communicate with HostBridge, you need to write a small "agent" program that relays messages between TIBCO and HostBridge.

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Do I own HostBridge if I own TIBCO's CICS Subsystem product?

No. They are sold separately.

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Is TIBCO necessary to retrieve XML from CICS?

No. Any application (e.g., .NET, VB, Java) can send a request directly to HostBridge. In fact, this is how the vast majority of our customers use HostBridge: their application sends an HTTP request to HostBridge, and HostBridge returns the output from the transaction as an XML response. The bottom line is that the services of HostBridge can be invoked by any application that can send an HTTP request and receive/process and XML document. The value of TIBCO is not the XML-enablement of your existing CICS apps (that's HostBridge's job). Instead, TIBCO creates a real-time, message-based infrastructure so that disparate system/application platforms can communicate. TIBCO is one way, but not the only way, for an application to request the services of HostBridge.

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