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Demo and Webcast Archive

Creating APIs & Web Services for CICS Apps & Recorded HostBridge Demo

James Alexander, HostBridge Technical Director, demonstrates how you can rapidly create CICS-based APIs & web services using HostBridge – the only JavaScript engine for the mainframe.

Modernized Mainframe Interfaces: HostBridge WIRE Demonstration

Brandon & Associates Bill Slovan demonstrates WIRE, the Web Interface Rules Engine, for modernizing mainframe interfaces. Use WIRE to create easy-to-use front ends for employees, partners, and customers.

Recorded Webcast: Mainframe Integration for the Mobile, Cloud and Analytics World

For z Systems integration, customers can now choose the same technologies used by top mobile, cloud & analytics innovators—JavaScript and Redis! Watch the recorded webcast now!

Customer Case Study: How WoodmenLife Uses HostBridge to Integrate CICS Applications in a Modern Enterprise Service Environment

Keith Hallquist, System Architect at WoodmenLife, discussed the ways WoodmenLife uses HostBridge to modernize and integrate their infrastructure.

CICS Integration & Optimization: Tales From the Trenches

HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner presented Tales from the Trenches at SHARE 2015. This presentation highlights tactics customers are using to increase the value of their existing CICS and z Systems investments using web, cloud, and mobile resources. Learn how HostBridge can enhance capabilities, and about new HostBridge product offerings, including HostBridge Redis 3.0 for z/OS! CICS users are loyal to their apps -- and for good reason! IBM continues to deliver new versions of CICS that focus on operational efficiency and service agility. ISVs like HostBridge build upon these capabilities to help customers save time, reduce costs, and generate revenue. Watch the recorded talk here.

IBM & HostBridge Tales from the Trenches: Recorded Webcast

CICS TS Product Line Manager Andrew Bates, HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner show how CICS and HostBridge improve service cloud capability. Watch the webcast now!

CICS Integration & Optimization: Tales From the Trenches

HostBridge CEO Russ Teubner shares real customer successes with new HostBridge products – Batch Program Inside CICS (BPIC), HB Socket Support. Explore product principles and architecture, as well as user interfaces, dynamic scripting, and more.

HostBridge Recorded Demo: CICS Web Services

Power, flexibility, orchestration, automation: CICS Web Services. Technical Services Director James Alexander demonstrates how HostBridge JavaScript delivers faster, easier, better Web services for CICS/System z. Integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed.

HostBridge Webcast: Integrating Tough Insurance Apps

Learn why leading insurance providers turn to HostBridge for ACORD-compliant Web integration/modernization of LIFE-COMM, LIFE/70, and other tough legacy insurance apps. Recorded webcast and demo by HB Technical Services Director James Alexander shows how HB JavaScript tackles tough challenges.

HostBridge-IBM: Tales from the Trenches!

It’s about efficiency! View this recording of Ian Mitchell, IBM Distinguished Engineer, and Russ Teubner, HostBridge CEO highlighting real customers gaining efficiencies, service agility, and reducing TCO using CICS V5.1 and HostBridge v6.62.

IBM-HostBridge Joint Webcast: CICS TS V5.1 & HostBridge – Capabilities and Benefits

Watch and listen to the joint webcast. Andrew Bates, CICS Product Manager, and James Alexander, HostBridge Technical Services Director, discuss new CICS TS V5.1 and HostBridge capabilities that drive operational efficiency, service agility, and cloud enablement.

LFT SERIES: How Argus Health Rapidly Deploys WebServices with HostBridge

HostBridge Letters from the Trenches webcast series. We love it when our customers share their strategies and tactics for enhancing the value of their existing CICS and System z investments. Kris Lawson, architect at Argus Health Systems has agreed to do just that!