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    HostBridge Technology provides high-precision, high-performance integration & optimization software for IBM z Systems and CICS. We have built a reputation for meeting the toughest challenges with the simplest, most flexible solutions. Our expertise in XML-enablement, z/OS-based JavaScript, and Redis are unparalleled in the z Systems market. As a result, we count many of the largest companies in the world as loyal customers.

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HostBridge Product Literature

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CA Integration Modules

CA Ideal™ for CA Datacom®, CA Telon®, CA Gener/OL™, CA ADS™ for CA IDMS™

HostBridge® is mainframe integration software that runs under CICS, converting mainframe data to integration-ready XML, HTML, or web services. When you install HostBridge and our CA Support Modules, distributed systems and applications can invoke CA Ideal™ for CA Datacom®, CA Telon®, CA Gener/OL™, and CA ADS® for CA IDMS™ transactions using standard interfaces. HostBridge returns the transactions as XML documents, HTML pages, or web services.

Panel Mapping

Unique among CA integration products, HostBridge has a panel mapping facility that uses field names from panel definitions rather than row/column coordinates from screen scraping to navigate and integrate applications. The HostBridge approach ensures integration reliability and high-fidelity replication of mainframe source applications – all without any changes to existing CA programs.

Connection to CA Applications

Most physical connections from distributed systems to CA mainframe applications use TCP/IP and CICS Web Support. Distributed applications can invoke HostBridge using simple HTTP requests or SOAP messages. HostBridge also supports WebSphere MQ and LINK interfaces, so customers needing to access the mainframe through MQ or from CICS COBOL programs can LINK to HostBridge.

Integrate the Mainframe

Standards-based HostBridge reliably integrates anything mainframe with anything distributed using flexible XML and web services. HostBridge provides:

Besides CA mainframe application, HostBridge also integrates standard BMS, 3270, and COMMAREA applications in CICS, as well as CA Datacom, DB2, VSAM, and DL/I data sources. HostBridge enables the mainframe to participate fully in any integration architecture, including SOA, adding new value to CA Ideal, CA Telon, CA Gener/OL, CA IDMS, and other mainframe application investments.

Eliminate Screen Scraping

HostBridge uses panel definitions from legacy CA development environments to exchange data between distributed and mainframe applications in XML, SOAP, or HTML formats.

The HostBridge panel mapping facility automatically creates the required definitions from the source data of existing CA Ideal panels, stores the panels in a VSAM repository, and incorporates them into program compilation and promotion processes. HostBridge maps CA ADS panels in the same way. In the case of CA Telon, HostBridge accesses the BMS maps to determine the field names for each application screen. For CA Gener/OL, HostBridge interacts with the applications at runtime using a CA-provided API to collect field names for each screen of an application.

Mainframe (z/OS) – CA Application Interaction with HostBridge

Figure 1


Eliminates Screen Scraping

Integration based on field names rather than screen geometry. Screen scraping solutions require integration developers to identify fields based on their location in a screen. Any change to the mainframe application that alters screen geometry can break the integration. HostBridge insulates developers from changes in geometry by recognizing changes in the screen layout and allowing developers to reference only the field names.

Faster Integration, Lower Risk

With HostBridge, there are no changes to existing CA applications. Competing solutions that require changes to your existing CA applications extend development time and introduce risk into your integration projects due to the changes in source code. HostBridge works without any changes to trusted applications and preserves existing business logic without affecting users of the existing applications.


HostBridge returns data as XML documents, SOAP services, or HTML pages. HostBridge automatically converts CA transaction data to XML or HTML and allows external applications to invoke transactions as web services. The HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js – formerly known as Process Automation) allows a single request to drive multiple transactions and return the resulting data in a single response.

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