HostBridge Technology



Experienced and understanding. We solve problems that meet the needs of our customers and partners. The management team at HostBridge Technology began their relationship at a previous venture. The success of that venture made it an easy decision to work together again with HostBridge.

Russ Teubner, CEO

Russ Teubner, CEO and co-founder of HostBridge Technology, is a seasoned inventor and entrepreneur in the software industry. Russ’s customers know him as someone who likes to go onsite, roll up his sleeves, and make things happen.

Over more than 30 years, Russ has applied his creative energies to solving difficult problems associated with integrating large-scale IBM systems and various emerging technologies. For example, HostBridge Technology’s flagship product – HostBridge – is used by large domestic and multi-national organizations to bridge the gap between web-based applications and high-value System z applications. Russ has also done pioneering work in the integration of IBM mainframes and applications with UNIX systems, TCP/IP networks, facsimile transmission networks, the World Wide Web, and service oriented architectures.

Russ has been a contributing author to various technical publications, and is the co-author of US Patent No. 6,981,257 pertaining to XML enablement of CICS applications. Russ is proud of his long-standing business partnerships with IBM, as well as his ongoing work with the IBM Hursley Lab – the home of CICS development.

Business Highlights:

Russ also serves as Chairman of the Board of Southwest Bancorp, Inc., a regional bank holding company operating in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. He has been a member of the board since 2000 and began his term as chairman in January 2013.

Scott Glenn, CTO

Glenn uses his broad understanding of enterprise software to maintain the architecture and strategic vision for HostBridge. As one of HostBridge Technology's founders, Glenn is the original designer and author of HostBridge's patented approach to CICS integration. With a background in both mainframe and middle-tier software development, he ensures HostBridge meets the needs of those who install and maintain HostBridge and those who use the XML output for integration. Glenn was the lead developer for Corridor, the first commercial web-to-host gateway, while at Teubner and Associates. In 2000, he joined Tonic Software as the lead architect where he led the design and development of the Tonic product line.

Bill Hinton, CFO

Hinton directs all financial, administrative, and legal projects for the company. With 24 years experience in corporate finance, Hinton ensures financial stability for the company. Prior to joining HostBridge, Hinton spent eight years as CFO for Teubner and Associates and Esker, Inc. He left Esker to form his own company to address the needs of small companies needing CFO services. Before joining Teubner and Associates, he was the director of finance for Royal International Optical for two years and worked for Price Waterhouse in Dallas for thirteen years.

James Alexander , Director of Technical Services

Alexander has 22+ years of experience in mainframe systems programming and managing large IT organizations. He is currently responsible for IT services and HostBridge product support. Prior to joining HostBridge, Alexander was head of information technology services for Oklahoma State University where he set direction for IT services — including network operations — and oversaw integration of disparate technologies into uniform business solutions.